YE Trade Fair – Welwyn Garden City

The 29th February. A leap day. In Irish tradition this was a day (the only day in 4 years) where women could propose to men. Yet the only people who our team of Pallav, Saksham, Aaron, Aarush and Ishan would be proposing to today were the judges at Welwyn Garden City trade fair.

The day began early, like any trade fair, setting up the our stall, displaying products and awards and selling to the budding masses of Welwyn Garden City (at least those who dared to venture out into the infected streets of north Hertfordshire), where we managed to sell 12 Links.

Our trade stand at Welwyn

One of the highlights of the day was speaking to two staff from broadband companies Vodafone and Three. As well as giving us important tips and advice, for business in the tech world from 2 companies at the top of their field. From Vodafone we received a quote for them to test out a Viprus Link as a hotspot and the assistant manager at Three showed interest into implementing the Link into local branches as a tester. We look forward to working with them in the future especially as we shift our focus from consumers to businesses.

As the end of the afternoon came it was time for the presentation of awards where we picked up our 4th ‘Best Overall Company’ award and our 1st ‘Most Innovative Product’ Award.

The collection of our awards from trade fairs so far

We would like to thank Young Enterprise for putting on the trade fair and look forward to seeing you all in the future!